Who is Reconsiderate?

Reconsiderate is a deep thinker who happens to rap. He uses words as a kind of software for the mind, so you can rest assured that there is purpose in his songs.

When it comes to human suffering, Reconsiderate wants to help. His method is to: In this way, Reconsiderate effectively troubleshoots and provides technical support for The Human Experience. You get to download and install his patches via the convenient medium of song lyrics.

What does Reconsiderate do?

Stylistically, Reconsiderate combines thoughtful polyrhymes with an intense conversational tone, which is perfect for the discerning listener who enjoys a smooth flow that you can dig into more deeply later.

A live Reconsiderate show is always a unique experience! While he does make studio releases, generally Reconsiderate does not use the associated instrumentals when performing live. Instead, using his trusty looper, he improvises every beat using a combination of beatboxing and other vocal annunciations, and uses that as the platform to perform his lyrics.

Aside from his one-man-show, Reconsiderate also raps in the fusion hip hop duo Conscious Object.

Where does Reconsiderate come from?

As an artist, Reconsiderate has a rich DIY history stemming back to the late 1980s, when he got involved in the percussion section of his grade school band. By the early 2000s, he was using his computer to explore the art of song writing as well as music production, plus simultaneously exploring live performance thanks to the noble generosity of open mics.

All of this was done in the spirit of indulging a hobby, so Reconsiderate never did much with his music skills... until 2010, when he co-founded Conscious Object. This soon led to regular feature performances, studio albums, and support from the community.

By early 2017, Reconsiderate was ready to build his one-man-show, which brings us to the present day...

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