Who is Reconsiderate?

Reconsiderate is your friendly neighborhood deep thinker, providing support for The Human Experience.

What does Reconsiderate do?

In his lyrics, Reconsiderate solves problems... problems that he faces personally, and that affect him directly. His lyrics trace an organic path from struggle to resolution, and that's something you can make use of in your own life.

Reconsiderate feels most at home when he is on stage. His intense and highly dynamic performances engage new audiences in addition to established fans who've been to his shows before.

As a one-man show, Reconsiderate feels he needs to bring more "show" to the stage than just reciting his lyrics to instrumentals from studio releases. So he's taken things up a notch.

Using his trusty looper, Reconsiderate creates all of his beats on the spot using a variety of vocal percussion styles plus sound effects, and then raps over those beats. Much of each beat is improvised, so every show is a one-night-only experience!

Aside from his "ReconBoxing" one-man-show, Reconsiderate also raps in the fusion hip hop group Conscious Object.

Where does Reconsiderate come from?

Reconsiderate has a rich DIY history stemming back to the late 1980s, when he got involved in the percussion section of his grade school band. By the early 2000s, he was exploring the art of song writing as well as music production, plus experimenting with live performance.

In 2010, Reconsiderate co-founded Conscious Object. This soon led to regular feature performances, studio albums, and support from the community.

By 2017, Reconsiderate began taking his first steps toward build his one-man show.

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